The Face Shop Smart Peeling Honey Black Sugar Scrub

The Face Shop Smart Peeling Honey Black Sugar Scrub

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What it does?

  • Face Shop Unisex Smart Peeling Honey Black Sugar Scrub is a mild scrub that effectively gets rid of blackheads.
  • Black sugar dipped in honey exfoliates while effectively removing blackheads.
  • Promotes cell activation and clarification by softly melting skin impurities from within the pores.
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells and skin impurities while melting away blackheads.
  • Natural honey on the other hand provides rich nutrition to the skin.


  1. Removes blackheads, whiteheads & dead skin cells
  2. Moisturizes while exfoliating
  3. Gives a supply, moisturized face


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How to use?

  1. After drying face, pump the product 1~2 times and apply it on the entire face, avoiding the eye and mouth area.
  2. Massage for 30 seconds and wash off when the dead skin cells come off.


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